Patent & Technology

  • Line Item Country Patent Number Title
    1 USA 5,736,890 Method and Apparatus for Controlling Transistors as Rectifiers
    2 USA 6,038,150 Transistorized Rectifier for a Multiple Output Controller
    3 USA 6,055,170 Prediction Methods and Circuits for Operating a Transistor as Rectifier
    4 USA 6,456,106 Method and Circuit for Detection of Primary Switch
    5 USA 7,436,233 Normal Mode and Green Normal Mode Pulse Width Modulation Controller
    6 USA 8,041,524 Method for Power Factor Correction
    7 USA 8,441,813 Maximize Efficiency Method for Resonant Converter with Self -Adjusting Switching Points
    8 USA 8,659,915 Valley Detection Device for Quasi-Resonance Switching and Method Using the same
    9 USA 9,071,157 High-Voltage (HV) Startup Device
    10 USA 9,106,146 Energy-Saving Control Device